According to our last post dedicated to the 1st step of exporting, your vision is now clear, your goals are defined and your export strategy well established.So, you should  move to the 2nd step:ie develop a business plan or an action plan for export.

Let us enleye on that through three questions :

*1st question:What a business plan for export means exactly?

To put it simply, we can say that a business plan is  » a formal statement of a set of business goals and a plan for reaching those goals « . On another terms, it is a projection two or three years into the future and a roadmap to put in practice your export strategy,to decide where you should focus your efforts, to plan actions and to draw up an export budget within initial expenses to be allocated to achieve those actions.

*2nd question: What is the purpose of a business plan for export? 

Before venturing in international markets, a business plan is primordial. It mainly consists to assemble objectives and constraints and to create an action statement that takes these elements into account.


*3nd question:How to develop a business plan for export?

There are many  guides and websites that indicate how to develop a business plan for export. You can consult them to get an idea and draw up an action plan according to your objectives.


In the sight of what preceed, the most important is that you know that without export strategy and planning few entrepreneurs become exporters and that a plan is just a plan and that is your responsability to execute it.

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