EXPORTING (5): What are the important mistakes beginners make? M.Benhamed.

Experience shows that exporting isn’t an easy journey. It seeks motivation, time, financial and human resources, capacity to face difficulties when going abroad,etc. That means if done correctly, exporting can be a great opportunity to entry new markets, to gain experience and to increase sales and profit. If done uncorrectly, it can be complex,frustrating and financial risky. In particular for beginners.

Why exporting is frustrating for beginner? Because as beginner, you are just starting out in export business, novice in this area and more likely to make lot of mistakes the first time. This is normal. But you don’t worry too much about this because there are many people and companies around the world who project to develop their business into foreign markets but not everyone knows how to do it properly.

Therefore, you may ask yourself  what are the important mistakes to avoid in export? To answer this question, you just need a little push and some helpful and pratical information nobody else would give you in any training or book. At this effect, let us share with you four (4) important mistakes that  beginners make when they venture into exporting:

  1. .Lack of preparation: Spontaneously, many beginners remissing that they will go abroad, do businness with people from other countries and cultures and deal with buyers who don’t speak or converse in their own language.
  2. Lack of strategy:  Many beginners also approach foreign markets without an export strategy but with a tactic at time horizon of short term, with the objective of getting immediate profit.
  3. .Going abroad business plan:  To go abroad, some beginners reproduce into their business plan  the same actions that they would put in place in their countries and delibaretely ignore the fact that foreign countries could have rules, customs and  traditions very different.
  4. .No adaptation products to foreign markets:  Deliberately also, certain beginners don’t consider necessary  to adapt their products to overseas markets whose  the needs could be conditioned by  a lot of reasons such as geographic and climatic conditions, culture, design, packaging,  buyers preferences, government regulations,etc.

Conclusion:  In the face of so many problems, exporting isn’t easy to do properly.In fact, it requires learning,   preparation, strategy not tactic,adaptation to the needs of foreign markets,choosing trusty overseas partners and perseverance. But after reading this post, I have strong faith that not only are you aware about the overseas market to targe, objective to define and export strategy to adopt but you are able to make neccessary adaptation and to remove mistakes  as well.


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