What does exporting expose novice exporter to?.By M.Benhamed.

Refering to the last two posts Exporting 1 and Exporting 2 published into our blog and in regard to the hundreds of comments related to these topics received from the users and the followers of the Web site of I.C.I Group, this post is specially dedicated to any novice exporter who is  seriously thinking about exporting in order to increase traffic to his business  and to drive new sales in foreign markets.

So, how to pave the way for anyone who is interested in exporting? What advice can we give to him about a practical approach to exporting?

In first, it is of prime importance that an  unexperienced exporter takes notice of the following facts:

  1. Most people looking for new markets abroad don’t know the rest of the world and other cultures and language than their own;
  2. Doing business in South Africa  or in Morocco for example is much different from doing business in France or in Spain.
  3. Experience in international business shows that for small and midium businesses the export constitues a real profitable way  to expand internationally.

In second and before taking any initiative  in exporting, the novice exporter has  to ask himself the right question: What does exporting expose me to? and to get clear in his mind that in export  there are some important issues to be faced, such as:

  • New challenges ( knowing other cultures, being able to converse in more one language, finding overseas partners, dealing with the complexities of exporting, other challenge…)
  • New ideas;
  • New management practices;
  • New capacities to adapt product(s);
  • New marketing techniques;
  • New ways of competing;
  • Etc.

For my part, I ‘m fully aware that is a problem  to apprehend all these issues at once.But,I think that by understanding each issue and by determining how best to use it to reach his goals, the novice exporter will undoubtedly take a giant step in his practical approach to exporting and will be ready to export.


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    1. Bonsoir Rathwan.
      Merci infiniment pour votre message. Pour votre information, sachez que j’ai déjà par le passé publié sur notre blog un certain nombre d’articles en français. Seulement il se trouve que les postes en anglais suscitent plus d’intérêt et c’est pourquoi, j’ai opté pour cette langue.

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